Ján Ballx, MD - Psychiatrist
      clinical director

   2012 finished training by IVGT-Prague
      in supervision in Gestalt modality

   2007 passed final specialization exam
      in psychiatry according to EU standards

   2003 completed psychotherapy training
      according to the EAP standards

   2002 became a consultant psychiatrist,
      after passing the specialization exam in psychiatry

   Finished his university studies in 1998
      at Masaryk University Brno, Czech republic
      as a physician

As a physician and psychiatrist worked long term in University hospital Nitra(1998-2006) and University hospital Bratislava(2006-2007). He has substantial experience working as a psychiatrist in the UK, in the state
and private sector (2005-2009). Since 2006 works as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist
also in his own private practice in Bratislava.

Regularly teaches, presents and publishes about psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics. He is actively involved in scientific psychiatric research.