Health care provider
Psychoterapia is private healtcare provider and the first psychotherapy specialized outpatient clinic of its kind in Slovakia.

We put a great emphasis on individual approach, psychological treatments, up to date scientific knowledge and personal confidentiality.

Offered service
Consultations, counseling, psychotherapy, clinical consultations, psychiatric assessment, therapy and pharmacotherapy, supervision, organizational development and couching.

Life events, mental health, psychological problems and psychiatric disorders, psychological support for personal growth, professional and personal development of individuals and organizations.

Healthcare, psychotherapy and psychological services based on the concept of health as unity of body and soul and unity of brain and mind.

We specialize in high quality psychotherapeutic and psychiatric healthcare.

Contacting us
After leaving your message on our voicemail at  02 5443 0395  or email address
We will contact you back by phone and arrange the details of a visit.

In providing of our services we do not cooperate with any Slovak healthcare insurance company
and thus we require direct payment only. You can claim reimbursement of this cost from your insurance company later.

Undesirable effects
We would like to advise you to seriously consider your expectations and realistic goals, which are unique for every individual.

We highly recommend arranging visits only for clients who are themselves motivated to invest in their personal growth, psychological hygiene or mental health.

Method of administration
Quiet room with sufficient privacy.

Long standing problems will not be changed immediately, in the case of medically serious disorders
you will require long term health care.

Pack size
The average time of the first interview is 90 minutes but this may vary. The frequency of visits depends
on mutual agreement, informed discussion and physician's recommendations. Repeated visits are more likely
to be shorter and also there are a lot of issues which can be resolved by telephone or email contact.